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Volume : 2 Issue :2 Month : June (2016)
Authors : Bhawna, N. K. Multani, Zile Singh Kundu

Background: Shoulder pain is a very prevalent musculoskeletal disorder. The incidence and prevalence of shoulder pain varies widely across literature. Various risk factors of shoulder pain like age, gender, obesity and diabetes have been considered in literature. Shoulder pain is reported to be more prevalent in middle aged females. Smoking has also been considered as an important risk factor. Diabetes has been associated with adhesive capsulitis. The purpose of the present study was to find out the prevalence of shoulder pain among adults in Rohtak District of Northern India.
Methodology: A cross-sectional study design was adopted for the study. A questionnaire in Hindi language was designed to obtain information from subjects between 30-70 years of age. Information regarding current pain, hand dominance, smoking and occupation of subjects was recorded. History of diabetes was also obtained. Hindi version of shoulder pain and disability index was used.
Results: Out of 1069 subjects who participated in the study 245 (22.9%) reported shoulder pain. The prevalence is higher in middle age between 41-50 years. Among the subjects who reported shoulder pain 201 (82.04%) had unilateral pain and 44(17.96%) reported pain in both shoulders. 58.78% patients had chronic pain. The mean score for shoulder pain and disability index for the respondents with shoulder pain is 40.43±21.83.
Conclusion: The prevalence of shoulder pain among adults of age between 30-70 years is 22.9%.The shoulder pain is significantly associated with obesity, left hand dominance and diabetes. No association of shoulder pain was seen with gender,smoking and rural or urban area.
Keywords: Shoulder pain, Prevalence, SPADI, Diabetes, Smoking, BMI

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