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Volume : 3 Issue :1 Month : December (2017)
Authors : Judith Musona Rukweza, Clara Haruzivishe, Muchabayiwa Francis Gidiri, Pasipanodya Nziramasangae, Babill Stray Pedersen

Important foetal growth occur throughout pregnancy, including the last months and weeks of pregnancy. Preterm birth occurs when a new- born baby have not had adequate time to develop fully whilst in the mother’s womb. Preterm birth is one of the major challenges in the world. The objective of this analysis is to clarify meaning of preterm birth by identifying its attributes in order to increase understanding of the concept. Walker and Avant’s 2005 traditional method of concept analysis was used in the analysis of the concept. We searched 54 articles from databases including Google Scholar, PubMed, HINARI, MEDLINE and Google Search. Thirty of the articles were used in this analysis. The meaning of preterm birth has since shifted from the 18th century. Delivery of a new- born before 37 complete weeks was identified as one of the critical defining attributes of preterm birth. Preterm premature rupture of membranes is one of the important antecedents of preterm birth. Consequences of preterm birth include neonatal and under five mortality, morbidity and permanent neurological disabilities. Model, contrary, illegitimate, related and invented cases were included in this analysis to add clarification and understanding of meaning of preterm birth. Preterm birth, a delivery of a live baby before 37 complete weeks of gestation, is a leading challenge in the world as it is contributing to majority of neonatal deaths and lifetime neurological disabilities to survivors. Understanding meaning of preterm birth is required to promote knowledge development, education, research and policy development.

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